Energy Management services in Liverpool, Aintree University Hospital

PMC partner with CJB Energy to install energy efficient LED lighting at Aintree University Hospital, Merseyside

Energy Management services in Liverpool, Aintree University Hospital


Liverpool, Northwest England


Aintree University Hospital

Site use:

Hospital including outpatient and A&E services


Installing LED bulbs is the most energy efficient way to light residential and commercial buildings. Significantly lowering electricity bills and carbon emissions, LED lighting is just as bright as older, less efficient bulbs and lasts longer between replacements too. For large, commercial buildings this is particularly important, allowing spaces that need to be lit 24/7 to save on running and installation costs, as well as improve sustainability and carbon emissions.

Aintree University Hospital, Merseyside is a 712-bed NHS teaching hospital providing a huge range of services and an Accident & Emergency department. The hospital serves a population of 630,000 and employs over 12,000 staff, as well as teaching the next generation of healthcare professionals through the Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

The Challenge – keeping services going at a busy hospital

overnight installation

In 2019, Aintree University Hospital required a major lighting refit throughout public areas, clinical areas, X-Ray departments, and outpatient areas. PMC partnered with CJB Energy Services to install just over 4,500 lights with LED bulbs of various fittings. The bulbs were installed in 13 areas across three floors of the hospital, including stairwells and car parks, the physiotherapy ward and pool, pharmacy, rehab assessment ward, and the clinical path lab.

£125,000 in annual savings

As the hospital needs to run efficiently 24/7, the team worked closely with hospital staff to minimise disruption to patients and staff. Regular site meetings ensured all parties were happy with how the project was progressing and how many LED bulbs were yet to be installed and where. The team frequently worked overnight and outside of standard hours to make sure Aintree University Hospital’s day-to-day operations were unaffected by the new lighting installations.


  • Aintree University Hospital’s annual energy usage has been reduced by up to 934,935 kWh.
  • The hospital will save approximately £125,000 each year in energy costs.
  • The LED lighting is projected to pay back costs within approximately 2.4 years.

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