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Littering is a huge problem across the UK, so PMC are proud to provide a professional litter picking services to our clients, to keep grounds looking clean and tidy. During the covid-19 pandemic keeping sites clear has been really important for health and safety reasons.

We provide exceptional cleaning and litter picking services to keep our clients’ properties, premises and sites maintained and preserved in all conditions. No matter what the current climate,  PMC will always provide a high standard of service.

Our litter picking service: 

  • Litter pick all hard and soft surfaces
  • Empty all waste bins (if applicable)
  • Sweep all walkways and kerbs
  • Remove all cigarette butts
  • Report any problems or issues to our on-site security team or client direct
  • Remove any waste food items which have not been disposed of correctly from all areas of site

Litter pick all hard and soft surfaces

Not only is litter picking all areas good for the overall look of a property, but it also has benefits for the environment and for Health & Safety. No rubbish flying around means everything looks clean and presentable, as well as helping to avoid any slips or trips. 

Empty all waste bins

Overflowing bins are unsightly and off-putting, as well as attractive to animals and insects. We will make sure that all waste bins are emptied regularly to avoid these problems. 

Sweep all walkways and kerbs

Keeping walkways and kerbs clear of any litter, debris or foliage is important for Health & Safety, as well as keeping the outwards appearance of your property tidy.

Remove all cigarette butts

Cigarette butts make up one third of all litter in the UK and can be found on 99% of town centre streets. They are non-biodegradable and are a particular danger to young children and animals as they contain harmful chemicals. An outdoor space littered with cigarette butts is very undesirable, which is why PMC offers to remove all cigarette butts from your property as part of our litter picking service.

Report any problems or issues

If we come across any problems or issues during the litter picking process, then we will report this to the on-site security team or to the client directly. 

Remove any waste food items

Just like an overflowing waste bin, food waste is unsightly and unhygienic if not disposed of correctly. As part of our litter picking service, we will ensure that all food waste on the site that has not been disposed of properly will be removed and disposed of correctly.

Locations we offer our litter picking services to:

We can undertake our litter picking service in a variety of locations around Liverpool and the North West of England, including Lancaster, Warrington, Southport, and Manchester, and we’ve worked with clients such as Colliers International, Millmead Optical Group, Moreland Estate Management and Shrewsbury Estates.

Many of our clients retained our litter picking services throughout the pandemic, this has ensured that their properties maintained their appearance for the public, even when they were less present at the location. Customers will be happy to return to retail and shopping parks this week, and they will be greeted by the same pristine image upheld prior to the pandemic. 

We are constantly approached by new clients for grounds maintenance and litter picking services due to our unmatchable, high-quality service which leaves your property looking presentable and pristine.

Interested in our litter picking services?

If you are interested in finding out more about our litter picking services and how we can help you, please send us an email at and we can provide a quotation for you.

Head over to our Planned Maintenance and Reactive Maintenance pages to see the full list of services that we can provide. Alternatively, Talk to our team now on 0151 526 6288 or submit an online enquiry

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