How to protect your commercial property from winter pests

Wet and frosty weather can be a big concern for commercial property owners. The winter months bring frozen pipes, leaks, and all sorts of other problems. One of the biggest is winter pests. In this article we look at how to protect your commercial property from winter pests.

Infestations are a health hazard and potentially very destructive, as well as just plain unpleasant to deal with. This is how to stop creatures from burrowing, gnawing, and hibernating in your premises.

What causes winter pest infestations in commercial properties?

Any kind of property can face a winter pest infestation. If you unknowingly give them an accessible source of food and warmth, they’ll happily move in. Businesses storing food products are particularly susceptible to rats, while wasp nests are likely to be found in quiet, high places, like lofts and rooves.

The consequences of letting pests run riot can be huge:

  • Damage to equipment, buildings, and raw materials.
  • Contamination of products, food, and equipment.
  • Downtime for clean-up and removal.
  • Spread of disease and health problems.

Damage to your physical property is one thing, but damage to reputation is very difficult to reverse. A pest infestation can lead to legal penalties, temporarily closing down, and losing customers or tenants.

Preventing winter pests is cheaper than getting rid of them

Prevention is always better than cleaning up the mess later. A planned maintenance programme will keep pests away from your premises by closing potential entry points, removing temptation, and generally making your premises very unwelcoming for uninvited guests.

If an infestation has already managed to find itself a hiding place, regular property inspections can help you get rid of them before they do any serious damage. The longer they’re left unnoticed, the bigger the problems they can create.

What to do if you spot signs of winter pests in your property

If something is burrowing and breeding in your property, you need to know about it! Regular property maintenance from PMC will help you spot the signs of an infestation, get rid of it, and keep them away.

If the signs are already there, call our Reactive Support line and we’ll diagnose and treat your existing pest problem quickly, reducing damage and downtime as much as possible.


The five most common winter pests



Droppings, bite marks on furniture, burrows entering your property.


Rats and mice will chew through basically anything, from cables to wall plaster. They also spread diseases.


Rodenticide or rat bait stations. It’s also important to remove the nest and any breeding sites.


Rat proofing entrances and rooves. Removal of food and water sources.



Droppings, a strange smell, marks on the bottom of the wall, any skin shed. They’re most commonly found in kitchens/bathrooms, drains, and basements.


As well as being a health hazard for staff and customers, cockroaches will eat fabric, leather, cardboard, plastic, packaging, and any human food.


A range of sprays, gels and dusting powders can be used to trap and kill.


Sealing any access points and holes. Removing tempting food.

Wasps and hornets


Wasps and hornets like to nest during winter. Nests have a papery texture and can grow from the size of a golf ball.


Wasp stings can be painful and dangerous, particularly if they cause an allergic reaction.


Only a professional can remove wasp nests. They’ll use a spray to empty the nest and then remove it.


Wasp traps prevent them from returning. Checking your property for potential nest sites is also wise.



You’ll see and hear flies in big numbers if you have a problem. You might also spot maggots, which are flies in the larval stage.


Flies can spread diseases, contaminate food, and even bite humans.


Pest controllers will spray and kill the infestation and remove any breeding sites.


Light traps and fly screens can kill flies if they return. Regular inspections can stop breeding too.

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